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I consider graphic reviews to be an invasion of our privacy, however I welcome verified client feedback. If you would like to share a few kind words to describe your experience of our time together please use the form provided or email directly to info@indiadior.com.



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Here you will find endearing recommendations from friends who know me well.



I have had the opportunity to meet this lovely lady on many occasions. She is a joy to be with. If she is in your area be sure to see her. You won't be disappointed! 

- Husky11



What an awesome lunch date. I enjoyed spending every minute with her because she is not just a beautiful woman but amazing to talk to

- JC



What a wonderful time.  It was one of the best afternoons of my life.  I had fun, and I hope to do it again some time.

- asu999 



All I can say is Thanks!! She made my birthday VERY special and forever memorable. I love the pic she sent too!! ;-)

- RS



After meeting India several times, I can honestly say that she is a beautiful, intelligent, sensual and sexy woman who has a super personality as well. Time spent with her is both relaxing and lots of fun. One will not find a more special woman than India. She's the perfect combination of sexy and sweet. 

- Jack



I've had the fortune of meeting with India several times over the past few years in my travels to the Charlotte area. What you see is what you get with her in regards to both her pictures and how she conducts herself. She's always been very inviting and welcoming as well as professional. I enjoy our conversations and our time together. She's a special woman and I look forward to seeing her again in the future. 

- Gawker



First things first, India is absolutely stunning. I didn't know women like her existed in real life. On top of being gorgeous, what really caught me off guard was how down to earth she is. I've never met someone who looks like her to be 100% approachable, but she definitely was. Outside of the amazing service, we just had a really good time talking. She's great!

- JB

H A P P Y   F R I E N D S


After meeting India several times, I can honestly say that she is beautiful, intelligent, sensual and sexy...


...the perfect combination of

sexy and sweet.


- Jack