I N D I A   D I O R

E x c l u s i v e   M o d e l   G i r l f r i e n d   :   C h a r l o t t e   N C

You want something indulgently different, something mysterious.


You want that soft, lingering touch warm against your skin, a seductive voice whispering in your ear, the feeling of having momentarily left your “normal” life and escaped to an erotic paradise that even your imagination couldn’t conjure.


Trust me, nothing about who I am or what I do is ordinary. Your secret thoughts and most daring fantasies brought to life: no one does it quite like me. I know how to make you feel so much more than what you’ve ever felt. I know how to wrap you in the sensuality you crave and awaken that truly explosive passion deep inside.


An ‘experience’ doesn’t even begin to describe our time together—it will be so much more. Know that I am here solely and completely for you. I love nothing more than finding out all about the exciting man next to me. I take my time as I explore every side that you want share. What is your wish? What do you really want? How can I accommodate your most deepest desires?


This is a journey you will never forget, I promise; it’s one that will become a sultry and utterly sensual memory for years to come. Come and let’s go on this adventure together. Whether a trip for pleasure or business, an overnight you won’t be able to put into words, or dinner over which we anticipate the ecstasy that is to come, I’m available exclusively for you.

Y O U   F O U N D   M E