Being a gentleman never goes out of style!

Donations – Our time together is sacred. Donations are nonnegotiable and talk of donations should remain silent at all times. Familiarizing yourself with my website is the best way to get to know me before we meet. Kindly refrain from interrupting our time together with talk about donations as doing so will force me to abruptly and regretfully end our date.

Time – I so look forward to being with you, though I suspect time will pass quickly! I recommend reviewing my donations prior to your arrival in case you are having such an incredible experience and wish to extend our time together. Being placed in the uncomfortable position of having to remind you that our date is nearing an end is disheartening. If my schedule permits, I will be more than happy to extend our encounter by first updating your donation.

Respect – I know that our time together will feel incredibly natural. Please remember that the connection we share is confined to our date. Offering to take me to dinner or simply hanging out beyond our scheduled time frame does not qualify as a date and I will have to politely decline. Ours is and must remain a professional arrangement.

Safety – Protecting my safety and well-being is critical and I cannot allow anything to jeopardize that. A true gentleman will always respect a lady’s wishes and abide well within her comfort zone. In the event that I am pressured to violate that zone or engage in what I consider to be unsafe practices, I will have no choice but to abruptly end our encounter and terminate our relationship.

Hygiene – a well-groomed gentleman arriving in clean attire and freshly showered is quite alluring and desired for our engagement. Kindly take the time to prepare yourself prior to our date.