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  • How accurate are your photos?
    My photos are genuine and current. In fact, I am told that I look much better in person and that my photos don’t do me justice.
  • What kind of man captures your attention?
    I find a well-mannered, impeccably groomed sensual gentleman who captivates me with his intelligence, indulges me with his sense of humor, and drives me wild with his passion irresistible. A man who possesses all of these qualities melts me!
  • Are you a true GFE?
    Absolutely. I truly enjoy the girlfriend experience as something personable, sensual, and erotic. I like to create a sense of ease in a secluded environment where we are free to explore the affections of our desires. From the moment we lay eyes upon each other, our acquaintance will feel natural and timeless. A true GFE has a passion for what she does. I am blessed with a talent for pampering a man. I bring new dimension to the girlfriend experience because I’m passionate about what I do.
  • Is screening mandatory?
    Yes. I assure you that my screening process is easy and confidential and requires only moments of your time by completing my reservation form. I’m sure you understand that I am conscientious about establishing a safety and comfort level prior to our engagement because it will ensure that our encounter flows with ease. However, I do understand if you are not comfortable with divulging such information in which case, I will accept that our date was not meant to be.
  • Is verification necessary? I am a very private person.
    Yes, verification is necessary. You can feel safe and assured that I will always uphold your privacy with complete confidentiality as I place equal value in my own discretion. Unfortunately, I cannot see gentlemen who prefer to remain anonymous, and while I look forward to engaging conversation, an email does not qualify as verification.
  • Where can I read your reviews?
    The time we share is private and about creating our own special moments. I no longer to participate in graphic reviews, as I find them to be an invasion of both our privacy. I prefer to keep our memories sacred. Rest assured that I’m skilled, and I know how to make you feel so much more than what you’ve ever felt.
  • How can I give you my donation?
    At the instance of our meeting, place an unsealed envelope containing my donation either on the bathroom counter or in plain sight (if we are meeting in a public locale, place the envelope in a magazine and give it to me). Handling my donation in this manner will allow chemistry to flow between us without any awkward or uncomfortable distraction.
  • Do you travel?
    Yes! With much enthusiasm. I am well-traveled and open minded about foreign cultures. Whether you fly me to you, or we coordinate a rendezvous I am versed in the ways of travel and will prove to be an exciting and flexible partner. Please contact me for more details.

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