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Bond Girl India

There’s something about India (they say) …

They’re right! I’m a multifaceted woman of mystery. Highly Successful Corporate Vixen by day, and Sensual Companion by request, along with a few other things…

How do you manage it all they ask? It’s about balance and passion! I do things that I enjoy, and I make time for myself.

My Corporate life and Companion life have similarities…

I smile to myself at the office when we mention clients, because both lives have clients and I pride myself on delivering exceptional service to both. When I stroll through the office, it’s all eyes on India and her staggering heels, curve hugging dresses, and beautiful smile. I’ve earned the reputation of office sweetheart! When I show up for our dates, it’s the same energy!

My attire may change, but my personality stays the same. I enjoy spicing it up at the office a little and flirting with the office eye candy. If they only knew who I was and what I’m thinking… if it wasn’t such a conflict of interest, I could have some potentially great suitors at the office lol.

Being around so many smart successful men and women is such an aphrodisiac and great motivation! The sapiosexual in me gets fed well at the office, and the hedonist in me gets fed well after work. Speaking of getting fed… it’s the Client Dinners for work, and the Dinner Dates after work for me. The wining and dining in anticipation of what’s to come next… The seduction of it all.

I truly feel like I’ve achieved the best of both worlds at this point, and I couldn’t be happier!

The only downfall is, I can’t Tweet a lot of the great experiences that I’ve been having, because my Corporate job doesn’t condone my Companion lifestyle, but I can tell my stories here (names will not be used to protect the innocent lol)!

Stay Tuned…


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