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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we stand with the courageous women & men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and honor those who have lost their battle to this terrible disease.

My story...

I can't express the importance of early detection! I used to be ashamed of my scar, but today I'm proud of my battle wound. I'm proud that at the age of 15 I was brave enough to show my parents the lumps that were multiplying on my right breast! I was terrified, b/c we didn't learn about breast cancer and exams at that age, and I didn't know what was happening/how it would change my life. I just knew it hurt & they were multiplying. From that moment my parents sprang into action, and I found myself being 1 of the youngest patients in the waiting room of the Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic waiting on a biopsy. I had never had surgery/anything like this, and I was beyond scared. They were very comforting and informative as my journey started. Waiting for my results as a kid was nerve wrecking. I was taken out of sports for the year.

Results came back... they are benign, but we recommend that you remove them, so you don't have to worry about them becoming malignant. Surgery was scheduled before my 16th birthday. I was told how brave I was and to always self-examine on a regular basis. Over 20yrs later I'm still Lump/tumor/mass free and I'm always vigilant when it comes to self-examination.

I'm passionate about breast cancer and early detection and if I have to tell my story and show my scars for you to get checked, share your story, or be a support system for others... I'm here for it! You're not alone. We'll fight this fight together until there's a cure.

Thanks for everything Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic!

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