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The Elevator

It was hump day at the office and I had been running into this tall handsome man all week...

We locked eyes and exchanged pleasantries a few times. The tension between us was so thick, that I could feel his body heat when I walked by. I decided to take a late lunch that day, and as I strolled to the empty elevator, I heard someone say "wait!" I looked up and it was him. With a sly grin I push the button and held the elevator for him.

And then...

I don't even know how to put what happened next into words! I'm getting wet just thinking about it (mmm).

I felt his hard c*ck brush up against my plump butt as he leaned over me to press the close door button. Our eyes locked and he said, "going up?" I said "going down actually..." He grinned and said, "me too!"

We laughed and made small talk, then things began to heat up! He began to explore my curves gently with the tips of his fingers as he softly kissed my neck and whispered sweet nothings in my ears. My body quivered with ecstasy as he began to work his way down...

His head was under my dress, and he began to pull my panties off with his teeth! My juices began to squirt down my legs, and he licked them up as he softly kissed my pretty pu**y and sucked on my luscious lips.

Every time the elevator would stop, I would push the close door button. We were running out of time, and we had to make it good, quick, and unforgettable w/o getting caught!

That's it, right there, don't stop ...Yes, yes, yes!

Ding, the elevator stopped, just as we finished.

Whew that was close...

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